Where hope is needed most

Women are the heart of the family. Women in poor communities in Tijuana who have been abandoned by their husbands and left to provide and care for their children alone are in the greatest need of our help. This hardship perpetuates the poverty cycle and has lifelong impact.

The "Amigas" women's center will provide these women and their children with Education, Healthcare, and HOPE for a better future.
Expanding the Spark of Hope Heritage
We are building the "AmigaWomen's Center” to:
- Teach women a trade so they can provide for their families
- Provide women and their children with health care and health education
- Deliver a place of sanctuary and fellowship for women
- Educate women on how to find self reliance
Education Programs
We provide 6 weeks education programs where women learn the skills necessary to provide for their family. Some of the courses offered are sewing, bookkeeping, beautician certification, and housekeeping.
Recovery Retreats
Semiannual recovery retreats help women reclaim hope and cope with abuse past or present.
A Sanctuary
The women's center is a safe place to come and shower and interact with other women socially.
Health clinics
Monthly health clinics provided by universities in So. California bring care for the women and children that need it most.
Self Reliance Workshops
Monthly workshops teach self reliance principles that enable women to rebuild their lives.
How We Help
We're just getting started, and You can help!
The Amigas Women's Center needs continual financial support. You can help change the course of so many lives by helping the Amigas Women's Center financially. Your donation will help provide facilities, fund programs, and support outreach to the women of Tijuana. Please help us care for these women and their families.