Hard at work

Spark of Hope Foundation engages in three areas of service or the people of Tijuana, Mexico.
- Providing shelter for those without shelter -
Service Trips- Supporting and assisting single mothers -
Amiga Women's Center- Brining love and belonging to abandoned children -
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Volunteer lives





Some history

Past Trips

We've been taking service trips with amazing volunteers since 2001.

Who we've served

Some of our friends

We've been blessed to build relationships with hundreds of remarkable people over the years.

David and Saida

Xicotencatlleyva, Tijuana, Mexico


David and Saida (Saida is Natasha's sister - see below) got a new home in October 2017. An amazing group of families built it in just 3 days over fall break. The home is connected to Tatiana and Natasha's home built earlier in the year (see below). They have a porch that connects the two homes and a shared full bathroom.

La Familia Camacho

Xicotencatlleyva, Tijuana, Mexico


The Camacho family (Juan, Karla, Dominic, Emily) are a beautiful family. Spark of Hope Foundation built them their first home. Little Emily was so excited to have a real bath tub (baths used to be taken using a 5 gallon bucket) that when we installed it she undressed and jumped in. We had to explain that the water wasn't connected yet. :-)

Tatiana and Natasha Gonzales

Xicotencatlleyva, Tijuana, Mexico


Tatiana Gonzales and her daughter Natasha got a home in 2017. This sweet, single mother and her daughter worked along side an amazing group of volunteers from Arizona to build this home and bathroom in just 3 days. They are our neighbors (one street over from Chispa) and our lifelong friends.

La Familia Aguayo

La Cueva, Tijuana, Mexico


Ricardo, Martina, Obdiel, and Claudia Aguayo worked along side a service group of 40 people from Arizona to build their new home. Ricardo is a gifted contractor and has worked full time for Spark of Hope since 2017. He prepares and finishes the group service projects we do throughout the year. He also does service projects as directed by Spark of Hope. Martina is a talented cook who makes Tacos Camarón better than anywhere in the world. This amazing family will serve with Spark of Hope Foundation for many, many years to come.

Miriam Villavicencio

Xicotencatlleyva, Tijuana, Mexico


Miriam is a living example of one who has been saved by the Lord. After decades of addiction, Miriam rediscovered God and His healing power. Three service groups built her a duplex for her family to live in. Miriam is a single mother of four children (Ricardo, Aaron, Miriam, and Oscar). She radiates happiness and joy. Her newfound HOPE is spreading to everyone she meets.