we're on a mission

Spark of Hope Foundation's purpose is to build hope on both sides of the border through simple acts of service from ordinary people.

Making a difference

In an effort to best serve the people of Baja California, Spark of Hope Foundation engages in three initiatives. Building Homes - Helping Women - Serving Orphans

Building Homes

Shelter for the Shelterless

The poor in Tijuana have been led to believe that their lives cannot improve. This poverty cycle can be broken by creating a clean safe environment for fostering family unity and hope.  Since 2001, Spark of Hope Foundation has worked to deliver families from the poverty cycle that holds them captive. We help families reclaim hope.  

You can join the hundreds of ordinary people that have done extraordinary things on a Spark of Hope Foundation Service Trip. The hope you build in those you serve will be duplicated in your own life.

Helping Women

Amigas Womens Center

Women are the heart of the family. Women in poor communities in Tijuana who have been abandoned by their husbands and left to provide and care for their children alone are in the greatest need of our help. This is a hardship for these women and has a lasting negative impact on their children.  

"Amiga" is a women's center created to provide women with education, health care and refuge. Education – Learn a trade to become a Seamstress, Bookkeeper, Beautician, or Housekeeper. Health Care – Monthly women’s health clinics, Prenatal care and Children’s health clinics. Refuge – Women come and get a warm shower, spend time with other women and get a break from their daily lives.  
Your monthly donations keep Amiga staffed, maintained and stocked with necessary feminine health products and toiletries.Your donations funds a significant change in the futures of these brave women.

Serving Orphans

Helping Abandoned Children

Hundreds of children have been abandoned by their parents and are raised in privately run Casa Hogars (orphanages). These Casa Hogars need financial support to properly care for these children.

Your donations help pay for food, clothing, medical care, and education.

Join Us!

our dream

Our dream is to eradicate the poverty that holds the families of Tijuana captive and bring them Hope. We invite you to dream with us. We invite you to join an army of ordinary individuals seeking to make an extraordinary difference in eradicating hopelessness and poverty and BUILDING HOPE.